1. Booking Conditions

Cubic Houses will represent, and act on behalf of, the Accommodation Owner, on all matters related to the reservations.

Reservations are subject to availability and payment confirmation.

To secure a reservation, guests must complete payment according to the Terms and Conditions outlined for each accommodation.

The rates for reservations, deposits, cleaning fees, and any additional charges are as advertised on the respective accommodation's webpage at the time of booking.

A safety deposit is mandatory to cover potential property or condominium damages. This deposit will be collected either in cash upon check-in or electronically within 48 hours prior to the reservation start, using the provided Credit/Debit Card. In the case of electronic transactions, no immediate charge will occur; instead, the designated amount will be temporarily withheld throughout the stay and up to 7 days after check-out.

The safety deposit amount is 500,00€ (five hundred euros).

Upon check-out, if no damages are detected, the deposit will be refunded in full to the original Credit/Debit Card. Please note that Cubic Houses cannot control the timeframe for the released amount to appear back in the guest's account.
Should substantial damages be identified, the deposit amount will be retained until payment for the damages is made.

Should the guest opt to pay the deposit in cash upon arrival, please note that failure to present the required amount may result in the host reserving the right to refuse the start of the reservation.

Alternatively, if choosing to pay the deposit electronically using a Credit/Debit Card, guests are responsible for ensuring that their card is valid and has sufficient funds to cover the deposit amount. Should authorization fail, guests will be promptly notified via email or SMS and provided with a 12-hour window to attempt an alternative payment method.

2. Payment Options

Payment for reservations can be made by American Express, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard credit card.

Guests are also subject to the special rules available in each accommodation.

3. Pre-check-in

Upon completing the reservation, the reservation holder will promptly receive a confirmation email from Cubic Houses. This email will contain detailed instructions on the subsequent steps, and provide additional information regarding their upcoming stay.

Guests will be required to fill out an Accommodation Bulletin, which holds paramount importance in preparing for, and during, the stay.

The Accommodation Bulletin will request crucial details such as the expected time of arrival, and the total number of guests staying. This information enables us to ensure adequate provision of bed linens and bath towels and to fulfill mandatory requirements concerning foreign and border services.

It is imperative that guests accurately specify the exact number of guests in the Accommodation Bulletin. The number of guests indicated in the reservation must not exceed the actual number present at the accommodation. Should the number exceed the stipulated limit, Cubic Houses reserves the right to request guests to vacate the premises without any form of compensation or refund of fees paid.

Cubic Houses cannot accept responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions in the completion of the Accommodation Bulletin.

Any attempt to modify and/or falsify the original information provided will render the Accommodation Bulletin invalid and may result in the cancellation of the reservation.

4. Cancellation Policy

Upon confirmation of the reservation, the following cancellation fees will be applicable:

a) Guests who cancel 30 or more days before the check-in date, will receive a full refund (minus transaction fees) of any payments made thus far.

b) Guests who cancel between 30 and 15 days before the check-in date, will receive a refund equal to 50% (minus transaction fees) of any payments made thus far.

c) Guests who cancel less than 15 days before the check-in date, will not be eligible for any refund.

To initiate the cancellation process, guests must email us at rui@cubichousesolhao.com

The date of the email sent by the guest requesting cancellation, will serve as the reference date for applying these fees.

5. Mobility and Access (for Casa BrancAzul, Casa Ella, and Casinha da Barreta)

The accommodations Casa BrancAzul, Casa Ella, and Casinha da Barreta, might not be suitable for guests with mobility difficulties, and small children, due to its main door step without an access ramp, interior, and exterior stairs.

For additional information, please refer to the pictures on our website or on Bookig.com and Airbnb. We are happy to provide additional information. Please reach out to us through the relevant messaging systems.

6. Stay Conditions

The reservation holder must be at least 18 years old. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by the adult named as the reservation holder to be accommodated.

The reservation holder must provide a valid address, a phone number, and an email address.

No pets are allowed in our accommodations. Cubic Houses reserves the right to require guests to leave the accommodation without any compensation or refund of fees paid if an animal is found inside.

Smoking is not permitted inside the accommodation.

Under the terms of article 45 no. 1 (a) of the Convention for the Application of the Schengen Agreement, the accommodation of foreign citizens must be communicated to the foreign and border services.

For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, all guests with foreign nationality must provide all information regarding their identification, up to the maximum period of the check-in date, through the Accommodation Bulletin.

Guests must notify Cubic Houses of any damage to the accommodation, contents, equipment, or accessories that occurs during their stay, even if the guest considers the damage to be regular wear and tear and not their fault. If the guest does not notify Cubic Houses of such damages, they can be held responsible for them.

7. Additional Services

Cubic Houses offers the following additional services for your convenience:

- Grocery shopping: €20.00 (plus the cost of groceries)
- Cot rental (includes linen and pillow): €25.00
- High chair rental: €20.00
- Additional set of sheets (double bed): 25,00€
- Additional set of sheets (single bed): 15,00€
- Additional set of pillow covers (pair): 10,00€
- Additional duvet cover (double bed): 20,00€
- Additional duvet cover (single bed): 10,00€
- Additional bath towel: 8,00€
- Additional face towel: 6,00€

Any additional services must be requested at least 48h in advance.

All grocery items ordered by the guest will be procured from a single store. Should the guest require items from multiple stores, a €20.00 fee will be applied for each additional store.

Payment for all additional services must be completed when requested, and can be done in Cash or via Stripe (Credit/Debit Card). Please note that any transaction fees incurred are the responsibility of the guest.

Failing to complete payment of the requested items, will result in a penalty deducted from the Safety Deposit.

In the event of damage to any rented items, the replacement cost will be deducted from the Safety Deposit.

8. Tourist Tax

On June 19th, 2023, the Municipality of Olhão has established that, all guests aged 16 and older, staying in Hotels and Holiday Accommodations in the city, must pay Tourist Tax. The host of each accommodation is responsible for collecting the Tax from the guests.

The Tax will be collected on arrival, in Cash, according to the following:

- Reservations between November 1 and March 31: 1,00€ per night, per person, up to a maximum of 5 consecutive nights
- Reservations between April 1 and October 31: 2,00€ per night, per person, up to a maximum of 5 consecutive nights

9. Check-in and Check-out

Upon check-in, we kindly request identification documents from the individual responsible for the reservation, as well as from all foreign guests. This is to verify the information provided during booking.

Unless otherwise arranged, our accommodations operate on the following schedule:

- Check-in: 15:00h (3pm) - 22:00h (10pm)
- Check-out: 11:00h (11am)

For check-ins after 22:00h (10pm), a fixed fee of 30,00€ will be applied. This fee can be paid in advance via Stripe (Credit/Debit Card) when your arrival time is established, or in cash upon arrival. Please notify us in advance of any late check-in requests via the designated area in the Accommodation Bulletin, unless unforeseen circumstances arise.

We have in place a grace period of 1 hour, exclusively for the following cases, and only if they directly affect any of the guests:

- Unexpected flight delay
- Unexpected public transportation delay
- Medical emergencies
- Natural disasters

Please notify us as soon as possible if you encounter any of these situations to facilitate the smooth handling of your late check-in.

Check-out time is strictly by 11:00h (11am), and we kindly request all guests to vacate the accommodation by this time. Please inform us of your desired check-out time so that a member of the Cubic Houses team can be present.

Should a Cubic Houses team member not be available at the scheduled check-out time, guests may leave the keys on the foyer table and securely close the door. It's essential not to leave keys elsewhere.

In the event that a guest refuses to vacate the premises, Cubic Houses reserves the right to enter the accommodation, remove their belongings, change the locks, and take any necessary measures (with the guest being responsible for associated costs).

Any changes to check-in and check-out dates and times must be confirmed by Cubic Houses. In the case of a delayed check-out preventing our cleaning team from accessing the property with no guests inside, a charge equivalent to a one-night rate, equal to those paid when completing the reservation, will be deducted from the Safety Deposit.

10. Keys, and Emergency Service Fees

During check-in, Cubic Houses provides 1 or 2 sets of keys. Guests are reminded to handle them with care and avoid misplacing them or leaving them inside the apartment. All keys must be returned upon check-out.

Please note the following fees applicable for lost keys or lockouts:

- Lost Keys (per set): 30,00€
- Lost Garage Gate Remote (only for Casa Girassol): 50,00€
- Emergency visit (between 9:00h (9am) and 18:00h (6pm)): 10,00€
- Emergency visit (between 18:00h (6pm) and 9:00h (9am)): 25,00€

In the event of a lockout requiring locksmith services, the guest will be responsible for the total charges incurred by the service provider. These charges are determined by factors such as complexity, materials, and time spent. All payments due to the service provider, are to be paid directly to, and using any of the payment methods made available by them. The invoice/receipt of the service is issued by the service provider.

Cubic Houses assumes no liability for any items left inside the apartment after the guest's departure. Upon request, found belongings can be returned, with all associated expenses borne by the guest.

Payment of any fees or expenses can be made in Cash, deducted from the Safety Deposit (not available for Booking.com or Airbnb reservations), or via Stripe (Credit/Debit Card). Any transaction fees are the responsibility of the guest.

11. Cleaning, Linen, and Towels

The accommodations will be cleaned before guests arrive. Cubic Houses basic service includes a set of towels for each guest, bed linen, and some toiletries for each booking.

Additional cleaning services and products, including linen and towel change, are available for an additional fee (see article 7. Additional Services). These can be requested in advance, or during the stay. Please contact us for additional information.

Guests must keep the accommodation as organized and clean as possible, delivering it at check-out in the best cleaning conditions so that Cubic Houses can receive the next guest.

Guests should not leave trash, or recyclable items, inside the accommodation, next to the entrance door, or outside the door of the building, and should always deposit them in the nearest street bins intended for this purpose.

Failing to do so, will result in an additional fee of 25,00€, which will be deducted from the Safety Deposit.

12. Furniture, and Equipment of the Accommodation

If a device does not work, or if guests are unsure how to use any equipment in the accommodation, they should contact the host in charge of the accommodation.

Changes to the accommodation or its contents are not permitted.

All items found in the accommodation belong to the owner and should not be moved or removed from the property during the stay.

13. Maintenance and Special Requests

Please promptly report any issues within the accommodation, such as electrical problems, equipment malfunctions, or water leaks, to Cubic Houses via the messaging systems of Booking.com or Airbnb, email, text, or phone call. Depending on the nature of the issue, resolution may require up to 72 hours or longer if third-party services are involved.

While maintaining respect for guest privacy, Cubic Houses reserves the right to access the accommodation as needed for inspections, repairs, and emergencies. Your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated.

14. Noise, Illegal Activity, Security

As per legal regulations, the night rest period extends from 22:00h (10pm) to 08:00h (8am), during which guests are expected to maintain silence.

To ensure harmony with neighbors, guests should refrain from creating disturbances, particularly when entering or exiting the accommodation or the building it is housed within (where applicable).

Any form of illegal activity is strictly prohibited and will be promptly reported to the authorities.

The individual listed in the booking confirmation as the main guest, assumes responsibility for the conduct of the entire group, and agrees to abstain from engaging in any unlawful behavior.

Guests are prohibited from intruding upon the owner's privacy or disclosing information that could reveal the property's address or the owner's identity, even if such details are already public knowledge.

Guests are solely responsible for their safety during their stay in any of Cubic Houses’ accommodations, and should heed any instructions provided by the host during check-in.

Should guests encounter any potential health or safety hazards during their stay, it is imperative that they immediately notify Cubic Houses.

Upon departure, guests are required to ensure all gas appliances are turned off, windows are closed, and air conditioning, central heating, TV, and lights are switched off.

15. Responsibility

Cubic Houses' services, on behalf of the Accommodation Owner, are legally confined to the accommodations and the guest's relationship during their stay. Neither Cubic Houses nor the Accommodation Owner can be held liable for events occurring beyond the accommodation's confines, including building cleaning and maintenance, external noise, construction, neighbors, or any other matters unrelated to the accommodation itself.

Photographs and descriptions of our accommodations are provided by Cubic Houses. Minor discrepancies from the photos on various websites may occur without compromising the overall condition or amenities of the accommodation.

Neither Cubic Houses nor the Accommodation Owner offer compensation, fee refunds, or relocation to alternative accommodations based on the appearance or surroundings of the accommodation. Guests are responsible for ensuring, prior to booking, that their chosen area or neighborhood aligns with their preferences.

Cubic Houses is not liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, occurring during a guest's stay, such as personal injury, theft, robbery, criminal behavior, losses due to fire, or utility service disruptions (e.g., gas, electricity, water, telephone, or internet).

Guests are required to report any thefts, robberies, or criminal activities immediately to local authorities and Cubic Houses.

Cubic Houses bears no responsibility for potential delays, accidents, losses, or changes in schedules or rates related to our suppliers' services. We are not accountable for errors, omissions, false statements by third parties, disputes between guests and third parties, or the content of external links beyond the booking platform.

In the event of guests' non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, or in cases of misconduct, Cubic Houses reserves the right to request their departure from the accommodation without compensation or fee reimbursement.

16. Legislation and Fortuitous Events

This agreement is established between the guests and Cubic Houses, duly authorized to facilitate the rental of the accommodation. By entering into this agreement, guests are granted permission to occupy the accommodation for the agreed-upon period and under the specified terms.

It is important to note that guests are not considered tenants of the accommodation and do not hold exclusive ownership rights. In the unlikely event that a reserved accommodation becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond Cubic Houses' control, such as, but not limited to, water or gas leaks, Cubic Houses will not be held liable for any resulting inconvenience. However, every effort will be made to relocate the guest to alternative accommodation with similar features.

Should guests decline the offered alternative, a full refund (excluding costs for days the apartment was occupied, if applicable) will be provided. Neither the Accommodation Owner nor Cubic Houses will be liable for any additional expenses resulting from reservation cancellation. Additionally, Cubic Houses cannot be held responsible for any potential theft of items left in the accommodation.

17. Amendments and Applicable Law

Cubic Houses reserves the right to update its Terms and Conditions as necessary, at any time. Users of Cubic Houses services are responsible for reviewing these Terms and Conditions in the event of any changes prior to making a reservation.

Guests with confirmed and paid reservations will receive notification of any changes via email or other communication channels provided during the reservation process. Upon receiving notification of modifications to the Terms and Conditions, guests have the right to contest these changes within a maximum period of 5 days from the date of notification. Contestations should be submitted in writing to rui@cubichousesolhao.com. Failure to contest the changes within the specified period will be considered as acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions.

By agreeing to use Cubic Houses services, guests implicitly accept any changes and agree to comply with them. These Terms and Conditions do not affect guests' legal rights.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law. Portuguese courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal disputes arising from accommodation reservations with Cubic Houses